StartADR is the first Institute of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Greece, that Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) plays a leading role in it’s initiatives. We inform, promote, educate and above all, we apply in practice ADR and especially mediation, negotiation and arbitration in the digital, and not only, world. Technology has affected almost every aspect of our lives, including dispute resolution. Litigation is no longer the optimum way for resolving our disputes. On the contrary, in practice may prove to be ineffective or even destructive.

Therefore, ADR and especially Online Dispute Resolution seems the solution that fits best our digital era, the era of Internet, technology and information. Our times call for dispute resolution methods that are fast, low-cost, effective and flexible. Traditional dispute resolution methods such as litigation can not keep up with the needs of our times.

StartADR believes in Online Dispute Resolution and Alternative Dispute Resolution, as the benefits are multiple. Join us in startADR, follow our methods and change the way you resolve disputes and handle conflicts!

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“startADR redesigns the future of ODR.”

Ria Papadimitriou, Founder & General Director of startADR