Litigation has proven to be not the best-case scenario for banking disputes and this goes not only for the debtors, but also for the creditors, i.e. the banks, as well. Especially in the cases of household or business over-indebtedness, the problem gets more complicated. A court order may not suffice in order to provide for an effective resolution of the problem.

On the contrary, mediation may prove to be an extremely effective dispute resolution tool, that banks should definitely try out. In mediation, all the parties come to the negotiation table and they may craft their own solutions, the ones that fit best to their interests, needs and their capabilities.


Debts concerning:

  • Credit card loans
  • Consumer loans
  • Mortgage loans
  • Business loans

may be resolved fast, with no recourse to litigation, at a low cost and above all, effectively in an all-in-one procedure, i.e. mediation.

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