E-shops have a unique opportunity to handle their costumers’ complaints effectively, fast and at a very low cost, avoiding litigation.

How can that happen?

This is made possible with Online Dispute Resolution (ODR):

Disputes are resolved in a fast and effective manner and at a very low cost as the whole procedure takes place online.


Let’s see how you and your online shop could benefit from ODR and specifically from our unique startODR platform.


What kind of disputes can be resolved via startODR:

  • Your costumers’ complaints related to quality issues of the product or the service offered.
  • Product return requests.
  • Product replacement requests.
  • Costumers’ complaints with regard to your e-shop’s policy, terms of use or privacy policy.


Resolving your disputes with startODR may save you in time, money and unnecessary and costly litigation expenses. Additionally, you upgrade your business as you offer to your customers not only your best quality products or services, but a unique customer experience. Showing respect for your customers means respecting your own business.

startADR® pioneers by introducing startODR™, an online service designed for consumer disputes. startODR uses its own bilingual online platform based on European standards for the online dispute resolution of consumer disputes. Traders are encouraged to use the platform for the resolution of their disputes with their customers as the cost is very low and the benefits manifold!

You may find more information here and get to know an effective dispute resolution system that startADR offers you via the startODR platform!