Health regulated establishments are businesses where conflict and disputes are not a rare phenomenon.

Disputes that may arise can relate to:

  • Customers’ complaints.
  • The establishment’s commercial relationships with third parties such as suppliers etc.
  • Staff related issues.
  • Tenant-landlord disputes with regard to the establishment’s commercial lease.
  • Disputes with Collective Management Organizations of Copyright and Related Rights.


If you are the owner of a health regulated establishment, then it’s time to get to know a new way of resolving your daily disputes.

Mediation can keep you and your business away from costly and time-consuming litigation and offer you effective and sustainable solutions. Solutions that are crafted to meet the interests and needs of your business.

If you want to learn more about mediation and have a firsthand experience, then you should contact startADR® in order to get all the necessary information you need and resolve your dispute fast and effectively!