Consumer disputes are proliferating. Nevertheless, the remedies consumers have, in practice tend to be ineffective. Litigation in these cases is not the optimum choice. Mediation may give an effective solution for these high-volume, low-cost disputes.


An indicative list of consumer disputes that can effectively be resolved with recourse to mediation are the following:

  • Disputes related with the sale of goods or services.
  • Disputes with regard to telecommunication services.
  • Disputes concerning banking or financial products and services.
  • Disputes related with personal care services (diet clubs/centers, hairdressing salons, body-care etc.).
  • Disputes with regard to travel and transport services.


Online or offline purchase of goods or services:

If you engage in online or offline purchase of products or services, then online dispute resolution is the best fit for you. Online dispute resolution (ODR) has proved to be an extremely effective dispute resolution method. StartADR® pioneers in Greece and at a European level by introducing startODR™, an online service designed for consumer disputes. StartODR uses its own bilingual online platform based on European standards for the online dispute resolution of consumer disputes. Traders are encouraged to use the platform as the cost is very low, while for the consumers the service is offered for free.

You may find more information here and get to know an effective dispute resolution system that startADR offers you via the startODR platform!