Family disputes are among the first disputes that can effectively be resolved with recourse to mediation.

Let’s see what kind of family disputes you can resolve through mediation fast, with low cost and with multiple other benefits.

  • Custody and Parenting time. If you are separating with your child’s other partner and there are disagreements on custody issues or the visitation plan, then you need a professional assistance that will help you reach an agreement or even narrow down the issues that you disagree about. These issues may arise during or after separation, thus the problems usually start when the one spouse moves out the marital house voluntarily or due to a Court order.


In these cases, a speedy resolution of all the issues that have emerged is desirable and needed. Visitation in particular is an issue that is immediately addressed by the spouse who left the family house. However, reaching an early agreement on the visitation plan is always for the child’s best interest as communication is maintained with both of the parents. Mediation can contribute to early decision making as all relevant disagreements can be resolved in a fast and effective manner.

  • Dividing assets. One of the issues that emerge after separation is how the marital assets will be divided. Disagreements on such issues may have a great impact on the way the couple is going to divorce and negative effects on the kids as well. In many cases it is observed that one of the parents uses the child/children as leverage to get most of the marital assets or even receive higher alimony or higher amount of child support. However, mediation as an amicable procedure helps you to tackle all these issues right from the beginning and maintain or restore your relationships.
  • You may not divorce as a result of the mediation agreement as legally you have to apply to the competent Court to file for a divorce. Nevertheless, mediation may lead to a divorce with consent or even to narrow down the disagreements that may arise after separation and before applying for a divorce. As divorce with consent is concerned, all the relative issues can be resolved through mediation such as custody, alimony, child support, visitation or dividing assets issues and this will bring you many steps closer to get a divorce with consent. Mediation paves the way for a speedy and cost – effective, both in monetary and psychological cost terms, divorce.


Why you should opt for mediation in case you are facing a family dispute:

  • Mediation is a procedure concluded within a few days in which the necessary preparation by the mediator, the parties and the respective counsel is included.
  • Mediation is a low-cost procedure. In fact, the total cost is a drop in the ocean compared with legal proceedings, especially when the latter run their full course.
  • Creative solutions. One of the great advantages of mediation lies in the nature of mediation itself. In mediation, everything is open. You have control over the procedure, while the solution is the outcome of the agreement you have reached and not a Court decision that have been imposed on you. Of course, there are always limitations to what can and not be agreed. It is on your mediator and your counsel to check for the legality and the enforceability of the final agreement. However, the general rule is that you get to shape the final agreement that is going to best serve your interests and fit your needs.
  • As mentioned above, one of the basic principles of mediation is confidentiality as the whole procedure from the very beginning to the final agreement at the end remains confidential. This means you get to protect your private life and personal data from third parties and the public and avoid all the unnecessary and harmful, in many cases, publicity.
  • Psychology. Mediation is a friendly procedure and offers you an amicable way to resolve your disputes. You get to focus on the resolution of your dispute by setting aside negative emotions. Protracted litigation that may further deteriorate your relationships and exhaust you psychologically is avoided.
  • Bridging relationships. Mediation gives you the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand to reach an agreement and on the other hand to restore broken relationships. The first step is made when both parties agree to mediate your dispute. Once embarked upon the possibilities are on your side!

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