Disputes arising among relatives are usually more stressful for all the involved parties. Reaching an agreement with a relative may prove a difficult task, despite the personal relationship between the parties. On the contrary, the latter may impede consensus and hamper the resolution of the dispute.

Inheritance, will and probate disputes may be resolved in mediation in a time and cost-effective manner without recourse to Courts. By selecting the right mediator to help you with your dispute, you may find the solutions you were searching for years, thus all the conversations had reached a stalemate.

Especially in inheritance disputes mediation may prove the best fit as a dispute resolution method. You get to choose your own solution without having to wait for a decision to be imposed on you after years of litigation. Conversely, mediation gives you the advantages of:

  • Speed
  • Low cost
  • Finality
  • Tailored solutions

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