Serious disputes can arise with regard to intellectual property rights. You can always have recourse to litigation or even arbitration, thus mediation has much more to offer!

Let’ s see which kind of intellectual property disputes you can resolve with recourse to mediation:


  • Copyright infringements. Copyright disputes are on the rise these days. To this end the exponential growth of the internet has played a great role. Writers, artists, scientists, photographers, programmers, journalists etc. may have, at least once in their professional life, experienced a violation of their copyright. If you just had such an experience, then you should give a chance to mediation in order to see how you can resolve your dispute in an amicable fashion and benefit from the procedure as well!
  • Industrial property infringements (Trademark, Patent). Have you been informed that your trademark or your patent is in unauthorized use by a third party? Do you want to cease the infringement without being involved in costly and time-consuming litigation? In this case mediation may be the right path to take. The advantages are numerous. Indicatively, by opting for mediation you get to shape your own solutions that fit best your interests and needs. The options are just about countless!
  • Domain name violations (cybersquatting). Have you discovered that another natural or legal person uses an identical or similar domain name with yours on the internet and especially in bad faith? Does this third party infringe or tarnish your registered trademark or the brand name of your company? In all the above cases, you have to take action with no further delay. Litigation may prove the worst solution possible in terms of speed. On the other hand, mediation may offer you a fast, effective and a low-cost solution!
  • Collective Management Organizations of Copyright and Related Rights. Disputes where the one party is a Collective Management Organization of Copyright and Related Rights are very common, especially when the internet, as the medium of infringement, is involved. In this triangular relationship that is created between end users – Collective Management Organizations and copyright owners (musicians, singers, composers etc.) opting for litigation may not provide with an effective solution. Contrary to litigation, in mediation the resolution can lead to sustainable agreements that are reached in a fast and cost-effective manner. We can help you work out the best resolution possible for your case!

If you want to learn more about intellectual property (IP) mediation and have a firsthand experience, then you should contact startADR® in order to get all the necessary information you need and resolve your dispute fast and effectively!