It is an undisputable fact that the disputes in the banking sector have gone through the roof the last decade. The Greek economic and banking crisis has significantly magnified the problem of heavily indebted natural and legal persons.

Let’s see how mediation could help resolve such issues and the relevant disputes that increase day by day.


For households:

  • It’s time for your banking issues to be resolved. You may standing before a negotiation agreement with your bank or you may already have reached an impasse. Before having recourse to Courts seize the opportunity to reach an agreement fast and at a low cost.
  • Through the mediation procedure you may create your own solutions that fit best your needs. You may work out viable solutions that you can live up to them. What is the meaning in an agreement if you are unable to stick to it? This way you are going to avoid unpleasant procedures such as foreclosure and auction for non-performing loans.
  • If recourse to Courts is no longer an option you should definitely give a chance to mediation. It may prove the last resort in difficult situations when law does not provide for a protection.


For traders or businessmen:

  • It is a first priority issue for you to have your banking issues resolved in a speedy manner. Unnecessary delays may have an impact on your business. Litigation is not an option for you if you seek immediate solutions that will keep your business viable. On the other hand, mediation offers time and cost-effective solutions that your business can afford. There is no need in wasting time and resources!
  • Breaking the deadlock. If you do not meet the requirements set by Law 4469/2017 (out-of-court redress mechanism for the settlement of business debts), you should not feel you have run out of options. You can still have an out-of-court settlement of your banking issues by opting for mediation. The only requirement is your will to resolve your banking disputes fast, amicable and at a low cost!
  • Mediation offers you a unique opportunity that litigation can not. You can make a fresh start without having to resort to undesirable solutions such the insolvency procedure. In mediation, you can create your own solutions while maintaining full control of the procedure!

If you want to learn more about banking mediation and have a firsthand experience, then you should contact startADR® in order to get all the necessary information you need and resolve your dispute fast and effectively!