What is startODR?

Is the online dispute resolution of your dispute via the, easy to use, startODRTM platform. The complaints concern purchases of goods or services both online and offline that initiate from the consumer against the trader and vice versa. The whole procedure takes place online and the only thing you have to do is to register as a startADR member which is completely free of charge.

How is your dispute resolved via the startODR platform?

1. By completing the electronic form, you send us your complaint and assign to us the resolution of your dispute.

2. We undertake to contact electronically the other side and to inform them about your complaint. We also inform the other side about the online dispute resolution procedure we apply, i.e. the procedure you have chosen for the resolution of your dispute.

3. As soon as the other side responds, we get back at you electronically with their positions.

4. After both sides have been herd and informed of the position of the other side, we propose a resolution which is communicated to both parties electronically.

5. You may accept the resolution proposed to you and this way you give an end to your dispute. If, on the other hand, decide not to accept it, then you have every right to use other methods of alternative dispute resolution or have recourse to litigation in order to have your dispute resolved.

What is the cost for using the startODR platform?

Cost is always an issue, especially in times of economic hardship. StartADR® brings in Greece the latest developments on Alternative Dispute Resolution and especially on Online Dispute Resolution. However, we have ensured that all of our services are cost effective, so as everyone can benefit from them, both consumers and traders.


For consumers startODRTM  is offered complete free of charge, while traders bear the cost of the procedure, hence at very low rates.

For traders the fees are variable. They start from 55 euro (not including VAT) per complaint and raise according to the value of the case. There is an annual and a biannual subscription available. Collective agreements for businesses and commercial organizations are possible as well.

Who can resolve his/her dispute via the startODR platform?

Every European citizen that has his/her residence in one of the 28 European member states (UK included), irrespective of his/her nationality.

In which country should the other side be located?

The person (natural or legal) against whom a complaint is filed, has to be a permanent resident of Greece or Cyprus.

Who can file a complaint and against whom?

The complaint can be filed:

From a consumer against a trader, business or a professional.


From a trader, business or a professional against a consumer.

Which kind of disputes can be resolved via the startODR platform?

The disputes in the following sectors can be resolved via the online platform:


In more detail:


Consumer Goods
Food – Fruit and vegetables
Food – Meat
Food – Bread and Cereals
Food – Health food and nutrients
Food – Other
Non-alcoholic beverages
Alcoholic beverages
Clothing (including tailor-made goods) and footwear
House maintenance and improvement goods
Large domestic household appliances (including vacuum cleaners and microwaves)
Small domestic household appliances (including coffee machines and food- processing appliances)
Electronic goods (non-ICT/recreational)
Information and communication technology (ICT) goods
Leisure goods (sports equipment, musical instruments, etc.)
New cars
Second-hand cars
Other personal transport
Spares and accessories for vehicles and other means of personal transport
Fuels and lubricants for vehicles and other means of personal transport
Books, magazines, newspapers, stationery (excluding postal delivery)
Pets and pet goods
Electrical appliances for personal care
Cosmetics and toiletries for personal care jewellery, silverware, clocks, watches and accessories
Baby and child care articles
Cleaning and maintenance products, articles for cleaning and non-durable household articles


Language, driving instruction and other private courses


Energy and Water
Other energy sources


Financial Services
Financial Services – Payment account and payment services
Financial Services – Credit (excluding mortgage/home loans)
Financial Services – Mortgages / Home loans
Financial Services – Savings
Financial Services – Other
Investments, pensions and securities
Non-life Insurance – Home and property
Non-life Insurance – Transport
Non-life Insurance – Travel
Non-life Insurance – Health, accident and other
Insurance – Life


General Consumer Services
Real estate services
Construction of new houses
House maintenance and improvement services
House removal and storage
House cleaning services
Personal care services
Cleaning, repair and hiring of clothing and footwear
Support, research and intermediary services
Maintenance and repair of vehicles and other transport
Legal services & accountancy
Funeral services
Child care
Pet services


Prescribed medication
Over-the-counter medication
Medical devices and other physical aids used by patients
Health services
Retirement homes and home care


Leisure Services
Hotels and other holiday accommodation
Package travel
Travel agency services
Timeshare and similar
Restaurants and bars
Services related to sports and hobbies
Cultural and entertainment services
Gambling, lotteries


Postal services and electronic communications
Postal services & couriers
Fixed telephone services
Mobile telephone services
Internet services
Television services
Other communication services


Transport services
Tram, bus, metro and underground
Sea, river, other water transport
Transport infrastructure services
Rental services

Which disputes can not be resolved via the startODR platform?

Online dispute resolution is not an option when at least one of the parties is a state or public authority. Both parties have to be private citizens.

For which dispute can you file a complaint?

The dispute has to concern the online purchase of goods or services and you complete this electronic form for your complaint,


The dispute has to concern the offline purchase of goods or services and you complete this electronic form for your complaint.

Do I need a lawyer for the procedure?

No. In order to file a complaint via the startODRTM platform you don’t need to hire a lawyer. However, if you feel that you need legal advice or guidance you may seek a lawyer’s advice or ask to be represented during the procedure. In the latter case, make sure that you have equipped your legal counsel with the necessary power of attorney.

Which is the language of the procedure?

Both the startODRTM platform for the online dispute resolution of consumer disputes and all the services of startADR®, are provided with the same consistency in two languages, Greek and English. You can choose the one you are most acquainted with.

What is the average length of the procedure?

The average length of the procedure is 30 calendar days. However, this is, as said, the average time and your dispute may be resolved in less than 30 days. Additionally, in more complex cases it may take more than the average time. In the latter case, you will be informed accordingly about the extension.

In any case, the maximum time limit set by the European legislation is 90 days which, with prior notice, can be extended. On behalf of startADR® we put all our efforts to contribute to the quickest resolution of your dispute and especially within the time frame of 30 days.

How the procedure is conducted?

The whole procedure takes place electronically and in written form. If necessary, hence in exceptional circumstances, oral communication (e.g. via telephone) may take place. In this case, you are notified accordingly. The physical presence of you or your representative is not required.

Is the outcome of the procedure binding?

No. The outcome of the procedure is not binding for the parties. In any event, the procedure can get terminated by the parties without justifications or repercussions. The whole procedure, from the beginning to the end, is voluntary and is based on the mutual decision of the parties for the out of court, electronic, amicable and effective resolution of their dispute.

Which are the grounds for refusal of service by startADR?

The grounds for refusal are the following:

  • The consumer did not attempt to contact the trader first to try and resolve the matter bilaterally.
  • The dispute is frivolous or vexatious.
  • The complaint is being or has previously been considered by another dispute resolution body or by a court.
  • Dealing with the dispute will seriously affect the functioning of startADR®.

Data protection statement.

1. Introduction
At this section you will find every information with regard to the protection of your personal data and the privacy policy startADR® follows. This privacy statement is addressed to you whether you are a consumer or a trader and to your representatives, where applicable. This statement applies to the electronic platform for consumer disputes of startODRTM which operates following the European legislation and standards. We provide to you all the necessary information you need to know with respect to the collection, process and use of your personal data. Additionally, we inform you about the purposes of the process, your respective rights and the way you have access to your personal data. Finally, we provide you with the necessary contact details in order to contact us in case there is an issue concerning your personal data or the startODRTM service.


2. The reason we need your personal data
We collect and process your personal data for your identification. We need the correct information of you in order to communicate it to the other party and also to get in contact with you. This helps to identify both you and the dispute. Also in order to get you authenticated as user in the startODRTM platform of startADR® and to get you informed about the complaint you have made or the other side made against you and the resolution as well.


3. The data we collect and process
For the filing of your complaint and the authenticated use of the startODRTM platform, we collect and process the following data:

  • Name, surname, father’s name, name of your business (in case you are a trader), Tax Registration Number or VAT Number, local Tax Office for your identification.
  • E-mail address, telephone and mobile number, postal address (address, number, postal code, city, country), website address (in case you are a trader, business or professional) for our communication with you.
  • Personal data may be included in the documents you may electronically attach to your complaint or in the case you will be asked to provide us in relation to your complaint.


4. The purposes of the process

  • The identification of the parties and the communication with them.
  • The verified log in to the electronic startODR platform.
  • The electronic submission of the complaint via the electronic startODRä platform and the online resolution of the dispute.
  • Statistical purposes and especially for the drafting of annual statistical reports with regard to information concerning:
  1. the number of the disputes and the kind of the complaints submitted.
  2. the percentage of the disputes that were terminated without final result (resolution of the dispute or not).
  3. the average length for resolution of the complaints resolved.
  4. the percentage of compliance with regard to the resolutions that were proposed.
  5. any systematic problems that came up in the process and the draft of relevant recommendations for future avoidance of similar problems.

The personal data will have been anonymized prior to the processing for statistical purposes.

  • Educational purposes such as draft of case studies that will be used during startADRâ trainings and for the promotion of startADRâ and alternative dispute resolution in Greece and abroad.

The personal data will have been anonymized prior to the processing for educational purposes.


5. Personal data retention period
Your personal data are retained for 12 months after the conclusion of the procedure (successful or not). After this 12-month period, your personal data shall be deleted.


6. Protection of personal data
All the personal data are kept in electronic form. During the retention period, they are stored in servers, where all the necessary technical measures for security are applied.


7. Who has access to your personal data
Access to your personal data, have only the authorized associates of startADRâ as long as this is required. The latter have legal obligation and duty to keep all the personal data and information confidential.


8. To whom is the personal data disclosed
Your information is disclosed only to the other party, insofar this is required for the resolution of your dispute and for identification purposes only.


9. The rights you have and the way you can exercise them
In case you want to complete or correct your personal data, you can log in to the startODRä platform or get in contact with startADRâ.


10. Contact information
In case you have any question or inquiry with regard to the collection, process, storage, deletion or protection of your personal data, you can get in contact with us via startADR’s contact page.

Who is responsible for the resolution of the disputes in startADR?

Responsible for the resolution of the disputes is Eleftheria Sp. Papadimitriou and authorized associates of startADR®. You can find more information for these person here.

What are the quality requirements applied?

StartADR® applies all the quality requirements provided by the Greek and the European legislation:

  • Impartiality. The natural persons responsible for the online resolution of the disputes perform their duties in an impartial and neutral manner. They propose solutions based on the best interest for both sides without discriminations. They help the parties to reach a mutually accepted, amicable, fair and effective resolution of their dispute without expressing personal opinions or showing preference to the one or the other side. During the whole procedure, they facilitate the resolution of the dispute as third neutrals.
  • Independence. The natural persons responsible for the online resolution of the disputes carry out the whole procedure in full independence. They have no economic or other dependence with consumer or business organizations. Therefore, they are objective and impartial during the whole procedure. Top priority is the resolution of the disputes in the way that is in the best interest for all the involved parties.
  • Expertise. The natural persons responsible for the online resolution of the disputes in startADRâ, have the necessary knowledge and skills both in Alternative Dispute Resolution and in consumer disputes. Additionally, they have years of experience as lawyers in the relevant fields of law (consumer law, ADR etc.) and not basic legal knowledge as the legislation requires. Therefore, they combine hands on experience and an in-depth knowledge, while they get regular training and continuing legal education in Greece and abroad.

Codes of conduct we adhere to.

StartADR® adheres to the Greek and the European Code of Conduct for mediators.

What happens if I need help with my complaint?

In case you need any help with your complaint, you can get in contact with us via startADR’s e-mail or via contact page.