Terms of use of startADR’s Services

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Legal owner of this website, via which the provided Services (“Services”) are offered, is the non-profit organization by the name “Institute of Alternative Dispute Resolution” and the distinctive title “startADR” (“startADR”), which is seated in Greece, 26is Oktovriou 26, p.c. 54627, Thessaloniki, General Commercial Registry (GEMI) 138384206000.

We inform you that you have to read very carefully the following terms of use. By using our Services, you accept startADR’s terms of use. You should also keep yourself updated with any updates of our Terms and any information related to our Services.


General terms of services

Our Services should be used lawfully and in good faith.  Any abusive or in bad faith use of our Services give us the right to terminate our offered Services, temporarily or permanently without your prior notice. You shall have no claim against us and we shall bear no responsibility for any possible damage of you.

Our Services are offered only to adults over the age of 18 with full legal capacity. Minors are represented in their interests only by their legal guardians.


StartODR platform’s complaints

The startODR platform of startADR offers an alternative and non-compulsory resolution method for the disputes than you can submit. By no means are the competent Greek or foreign Courts, Authorities or Organizations, substituted in any way. By no means is the legal advice substituted. On the contrary, responsible legal advice should be sought, especially in complex legal issues that may be related to administrative, penal or any other nature of penalties and fines.



You can become member of startADR via our website. The membership is annual and there are two options available. You can join startADR as a member for free and as a premium member. In the latter case, an annual fee applies. In the case of the free membership the annual renewal is automatic, while in the case of the premium membership, the annual renewal requires your action, thus you will be informed accordingly. If you do not pay the annual fee, your membership will be downgraded to the free membership. If you wish to terminate your membership you have to inform us in writing. More information about the membership categories, the fees and the offered services you can find here.


Payment methods

Payments take place via electronic means, via credit or pre-paid card, via “Viva” payment services or “Paypal” payment services and by bank deposit with reference to the depositor’s name and the reason of the deposit. You get to choose the payment method that is most convenient to you. StartADR, also, accepts payments in Bitcoin. In this case, any refund will be based on the value of our Service and the Euro – Bitcoin exchange rate at the time of your payment. If the value of Bitcoin against Euro has risen at the time of the refund, you acknowledge that you will receive less Bitcoins.


Intellectual property rights

Texts, pictures, audiovisual material, audio material, graphics, photos, trade-marks, designs, logos, slogans and the current terms of use and privacy policy, are intellectual property of startADR. The, by any means, partial or in whole, direct or indirect, permanent or temporary copy, reproduction, transmission, publication, adaptation, transformation or presentation of them is not allowed without the prior, written, explicit and specific consent of startADR.


Competent Courts and applicable law

Any dispute that may arise with regard to startADR, will be resolved with recourse to the Courts of Thessaloniki in Greece. The applicable law will be the Greek Law.


Privacy policy


What do you have to know about personal data

Your personal data are protected and guaranteed by the Greek and European legislation. By 24th of May 2018 the law applicable will be the Greek Law for the Protection of Personal Data, Law No. 2472/1997 and the European Directive 95/46/EC. As of 25th of May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will apply and the complementary Greek Law, which is going to regulate specific topics.


The data we collect and process

For the filing of your complaint, the authenticated use of the startODR platform and your registration as member of startADR, we collect and process the following data:

– Name, surname, father’s name, name of your business (in case you are a trader), Tax Registration Number or VAT Number, local Tax Office for your identification and for tax purposes (issuing the invoice).

– E-mail address, telephone and mobile number, postal address (address, number, postal code, city, country), website address (in case you are a trader, business or professional) for our communication with you.

– Personal data may be included in the documents you may electronically attach to your complaint or in the case you will be asked to provide us in relation to your complaint.


Why we need the personal data

We collect and process your personal data for your identification. Also, for your registration as a member of startADR and in order make use of our web services and especially the startODR platform. As regard the latter, we need the correct information of you in order to communicate it to the other party and also to get in contact with you. This helps us to identify both you and the dispute. Also, in order to get you authenticated as user in the startODR platform of startADR and to inform you about the complaint you have made against a third party or a third party made against you and the outcome of the complaint as well.

In more detail:

– For the identification of the parties and the communication with them.

– Your verified log in to the electronic startODR platform.

– The electronic submission of the complaint via the electronic startODR platform and the online resolution of the dispute.

– Your registration as a startADR member.

– For statistical purposes and especially for the drafting of annual statistical reports with regard to information concerning:


  1. the number of the disputes and the kind of the complaints submitted.
  2. the percentage of the disputes that were terminated without final result (resolution of the dispute or not).
  3. the average length for resolution of the complaints resolved.
  4. the percentage of compliance with regard to the resolutions that were proposed.
  5. any systematic problems that came up in the process and the draft of relevant recommendations for future avoidance of similar problems.

The personal data will have been anonymized prior to the processing for statistical purposes.


– For educational purposes, such as to draft case studies that will be used during startADR trainings and for the promotion of startADR and alternative dispute resolution in Greece and abroad. The personal data will have been anonymized prior to the processing for educational purposes.


The way you have access to the personal data

You have access to your personal data via the platform of startADR, where you can log in and update, correct or complement your personal data. In case you want to partially or totally erase basic identification personal information (name, father’s name, e-mail address, basic contact telephone number) and in any other case of erasure, you will have to address, in writing, your request to startADR and we will examine it.


Who has access to the personal data

Access to your personal data, have only the authorized associates of startADR, when this is required. The latter have legal obligation and duty to keep all the personal data and information confidential.


With whom we share the personal data

Only in the case of the online complaints via the startODR platform, we share your personal information with the other side, id. the person you are filing a complaint against, in order to offer you this Service (startODR complaint platform) of startADR.


For how long we retain the personal data

Your personal data are retained for 12 months after the conclusion of the startODR procedure (successful or not). In the case of your registration as a startADR member, the retention period is 12 months after the ending of your last active membership. In both cases, after the 12-month period, your personal data are permanently deleted from our files.


How we protect the personal data

All the personal data are kept in electronic form. During the retention period, they are stored in servers, where all the necessary technical and organizational measures for security are applied.


What are your rights as data subjects

As data subjects you have certain rights, as provided by GDPR. Specifically, you have the right to be informed, the right to have access to your personal data, the right to rectification, the right to object to the processing, the right to request their erasure, the right to be “forgotten” and the right to data portability.

StartADR respects your rights and apply in practice all the basic principles concerning the processing of your personal data and in particular the principle of transparency, accountability, lawful basis of processing, purpose limitation, data minimization, report of a data breach, privacy by design and privacy by default.


Cookies and other technologies policy

StartADR uses cookies, which are little text files, stored in your device (computer, smartphone, tablet etc). By using cookies, we can save your settings when you log in to startADR and enhance, where possible, your experience as user of our Services. Also, cookies help us analyze the performance of our website in the web, while we also use third-party cookies for advertisement purposes. Via your browser you can check which cookies you allow to be saved to your device, to restrict them or even erase them. Your browser’s settings may affect your user experience with regard to our Services.