Mediation is not just a private law institution evolving outside the courtrooms. Under the latest amendments of the Greek Code of Civil Procedure (article 214A, 214B and 214C) mediation is coming to interact with Civil Justice and to aid our Judges in their role, id serving justice.

Civil Judges come to serve and promote mediation institution in practice. In 2012 the Greek Legislator introduced into the Greek legal order the institution of judicial mediation by introducing article 214B into the Greek Code of Civil Procedure.

It is therefore of utmost importance for the Greek Civil Judges to receive sound and integrated training on mediation and furthermore on judicial mediation. Acquaintance with alternative dispute resolution methods and especially with mediation, will contribute to the promotion of the institution. At the same time judges will have the opportunity to evolve professionally and on a personal level by familiarizing themselves with useful skills and competences.

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