How wonderful it would be if each and every one of us had the chance to learn how to manage conflict from an early age! Our children have this chance know in an era of incentives, digital revolution and globalization!

You can be their companion in this effort, whether you are parents or teachers. You can provide them with tools that will prove useful and valuable later in the course of their lives. Give your children the chance to develop a new culture. A culture where conflict is managed or even prevented!

We have a unique opportunity to introduce our children to alternative dispute resolution as a method for resolving their disputes both as children and as adults later on. We can show them that out of court dispute resolution is a fast, effective and also a friendly way to settle their disputes.

If you want to introduce your children to peer mediation, to get them trained in skills that will make them stand out in their lives, then join startADR® in this wonderful journey!