The school community is a very special community with many intricacies. There have always been and there will always be challenges requiring subtle handling. Especially these days that diversity and multiculturalism is evident in education, school conflict is proliferating. We live in challenging times.

The school community and especially teachers and school counsels are called to play a very important role, the role of balancing the different norms. Specifically, issues such as school violence, bullying or the co-existence of natives and refugees or Roma population require a more sophisticated approach.

In case you are among the teachers or school counsels that want to offer to the school community in such sensitive issues, then you will definitely need the tools we can provide to you. Proper training is the best tool to have in your quiver when dealing with conflict, in terms of management, resolution or, better, prevention.

If you are interested in peer mediation you should get in contact with startADR® in order to get the best training possible! It is in your hands to offer to your school community and be the next peacemaker!