Mediation in insurance disputes is an extremely useful dispute resolution tool for all the involved parties, including the insurance company. It is a low cost, fast and effective procedure especially compared to litigation or even arbitration.

How can you as an insurance company take advantage of mediation to resolve your disputes?


You can find insurance mediation extremely useful in the following cases:

  • Car accident and vehicle disputes. Disputes related to the civil liability of the owner, the holder or the driver of the vehicle can be resolved in a fast manner with mediation. Especially in complex insurance disputes where more than two parties are involved, mediation can offer an integrated resolution of all the issues that have arisen. This way your company can save in time, money and resources.
  • Life insurance disputes. In the relationship between the insured and the insurance company serious conflicts and disputes may arise. Mediation may help your company resolve these disputes and preserve your relationship with your client at the same time.

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