Greek schools and the Greek Educational System in general faces more challenges these days than ever before. The extensive shortcomings both in infrastructure and in human resources, the need for the restructuring of the Greek Educational System and the multicultural composition of Greek schools have created a fragile environment that has to strike again its balance. This balance that will enable the whole school community, students, teachers and parents to face the new challenges coming ahead. Especially these days that the problems have been largely magnified and new ones came across such as the migration problem.


What does mediation have to offer?

Mediation is more than a fast an effective way for resolving disputes. It is a whole different approach to conflict where underlying interests, needs, feelings and emotions are explored. It is an amicable approach which is based on the cooperation and the commitment to a common goal which is the peaceful resolution of the dispute. It is a holistic approach of a problem.


Which kind of conflicts within the school community can be mediated:

  • Conflicts between school administration or school authorities and the parents.
  • Conflicts between parents.
  • Conflicts between school staff and the school administration, the school authority or the parents.
  • Conflicts between students. In cases of school violence incidents and bullying special educational programs should be implemented and different approach is needed.

If you want to learn more about peer mediation and give your school community (students, parents, teachers) the chance for a peaceful environment where learning and knowledge has the only place, then you should get to know peer mediation through the lenses of startADR®. Offer to your children and yourself as parents the opportunity to learn a different approach on dispute resolution.