Mediation was first introduced in Greece in 2010 with the enactment of Law 3898/2010. Since then, great steps have been made for the promotion of mediation in Greece, especially in terms of public awareness. However, one of the pivotal obstacles to the establishment of mediation was the lack of awareness by Greek lawyers (non-mediators).

StartADR® promotes alternative dispute resolution and especially mediation, following a different approach. Our philosophy is based on the triptych inform – educate – apply.

The first step is to inform lawyers about the benefits and advantages of mediation. Mediation is beneficial not just for the parties, but for lawyers as well. We inform lawyers on the way mediation can be used as a valuable tool for them in their daily practice of law and the way they can use mediation in order to enrich the array of the legal services they offer.

The second step is to educate lawyers and prepare them to participate in a mediation procedure in order to achieve the best legal representation possible for their clients.

The third step is to prepare lawyers before each mediation they are going to participate as legal counsels. We make sure that they have the best preparation possible and the administrative support they need all the way from the preparatory phase to the conclusion of the mediation procedure. With the help of startADR®, lawyers have nothing to be afraid of mediation!

If you wish to learn more about the wonderful world of mediation and alternative dispute resolution, then contact startADR® to get informed, educated and ready to apply mediation in practice. New paths for lawyers are opening!