Disputes arising in workplace are a great fit to be resolved with mediation.

Let’s see how mediation can help you if you are the employee or the employer.

For employees:

  • With mediation, agreement is reached in most of the cases within a few days. This means that your legal rights do not have to remain for months or even years unsatisfied. Unpaid salaries, overtime wages, allowances are put on the mediation table. The mediation agreement is reached fast, therefore you get paid fast.


  • Mediation gives you the opportunity to maintain a good relationship with your employer. Your dispute may be resolved through mediation and you get to keep your job. By opting for mediation, you give a clear message to your employer that you do not want to lose your job or get him to courts but only get what you deserve and have worked for. This, in most of the cases, is appreciated by employers.


However, even in the case that keeping your job is not an option, it is on your best interest to have an amicable settlement of your labor dispute with your ex-employer. The latter may help you, after reaching an agreement, find another job or provide you with a valuable letter of recommendation for your future employer. Staying in good terms with your former employer will definitely not harm you, on the contrary you may enjoy multiple benefit in the future!

For employers:

  • Mediation, as highlighted above, offers a fast resolution of the dispute. Time is always valuable for you as employer as, most of the time, is translated into money. By resolving the dispute with your employee as soon as possible, you save money by avoiding unnecessary legal fees, expenses etc. You also get to save human resources which is also saving money i.e. money you may reinvest on your business and not have them expended on litigation.


Additionally, mediation provides you with an additional advantage. If there is a breach of labor law on your behalf, this comes with criminal and administrative sanctions. With a fast resolution of your dispute you manage to stay clear of these unnecessary costs and the unnecessary relevant litigation cost as well.

  • It is on your benefit to keep the dispute and the outcome private. Especially if your business employs more than one employees, then the last thing you need is to go public with it. Relationship equilibrium is hard to be maintained in the workplace, let alone when there are disputes that have arisen.


Furthermore, you also have to think about the good name of your business. Publicity on such issues may have a really negative impact on your business’ reputation which in the worst-case scenario is unrepairable. Mediation ensures confidentiality, therefor ensures the protection of your good reputation!

If you want to learn more about workplace mediation and have a firsthand experience, then you should contact startADR® in order to get all the necessary information you need and resolve your dispute fast and effectively!